What is a College Towner?

COLLEGE TOWN LIVING is designed to help “College Towners” like YOU find a place to live and provide information about the community in which YOU live!  The best part of working with us is that most of the services are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • Do you want to live with your friends off-campus?
  • Did you just get a new job in a college town and need to live close by?
  • Do you own a property in a college town and would like to rent or lease it?

If your answer is “YES”, then let COLLEGE TOWN LIVING help you!

Definition of a College Towner:  Any person living or working near an institution of higher learning including students, employees, faculty members, alumni, local property and business owners.  College Towners include:

  • Students – who want to live off-campus.
  • Parents – who want to buy investment property for their college-aged children.
  • Employees – who work in a college town community.
  • Alumni – who choose to remain in the area to live and/or work.
  • Property Owners – who want to lease property to other College Towners.
  • Young Professionals – who stay in the community or are new to a college town.
  • General Clients – who want to buy their first home and/or investment property.
Click Property Search or email Info@CollegeTownLiving.com today!

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