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After seeing a lack of real estate services and information provided to students, parents, employees, property owners, and other “College Towners” within the University of Miami community, Corey Schwartz had an idea to help fill this void in the marketplace and formed COLLEGE TOWN LIVING in the Spring of 2006.

COLLEGE TOWN LIVING (“CTL”) is designed to help “College Towners” find a place to live and provide information about the community in which they live and work.

Definition of a College Towner:  Any person living or working near an institution of higher learning including students, employees, faculty members, alumni, local property and business owners.  Some examples of “College Towners” are:

Students who want to move off-campus including:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Law students
  • Medical students
  • Student-Athletes
  • Fraternity/Sorority members
  • Transfer students   
  • International students

Parents who have thought about buying a property for their children to live while they attend college.

Employees who obtain a new job within college town community.

Alumni who choose to remain in the area to live and/or work.

Property Owners who are interested in leasing their homes to members of the college town community.

Young Professionals who either remain in the community or newly relocate to the college town.

General Clients who are interested in purchasing property in college town markets where there is a constant influx of prospective tenants.

Utilizing their strong ties with the University of Miami, COLLEGE TOWN LIVING hopes to become the primary and most recognizable provider of real estate services within the college town community.  The company’s market strengths consist of integrity, professionalism and exceptional customer service.

Using the city of Miami as its business model, COLLEGE TOWN LIVING hopes to expand its specialized services to other college towns within the state of Florida and eventually throughout the country.

For additional information, please email Info@CollegeTownLiving.com.

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