Parents of College Students

Do you have children who are attending or about to start college?  Have you ever thought about purchasing a house or condo for them to live in during their college years, but were unsure of where to buy?  Are you concerned about the upkeep of your investment since you probably do not live close by?

In most cases, parents of students know that buying an investment property where their child(ren) receive their college education may be a great opportunity, but may be discouraged from making a purchase given the large effort of maintaining their investment.  COLLEGE TOWN LIVING hopes to eliminate your concerns by providing exceptional customer service during each step of your real estate purchase – from the initial property search to finding a painter to repaint the kitchen.

Our representatives live and work in college town communities and will help you determine if buying a property for your children is a better option than paying rent for four or more years.  Although appreciation rates may have slowed in certain areas, property values in college towns will almost always increase since there is always a high demand for occupancy.  COLLEGE TOWN LIVING will help you find the right property and help manage your investment throughout the time that you own it.

An additional advantage to owning property is if your children choose to live with a roommate (or roommates) where rental income could be applied towards your mortgage payment.  At the conclusion of your children’s education, you can continue to rent your property or market it for sale – both of which can be handled by COLLEGE TOWN LIVING.

If you are parents of a college student and are interested in purchasing an investment property, let COLLEGE TOWN LIVING help you!

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Corey Schwartz | Broker Associate | Gravity Real Estate
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